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Foreign Direct Investment in Australia – the increasing cost of regulation


firefoxThe debate over foreign investment in Australia by State Owned Enterprises and Sovereign Wealth Funds, particularly from China, has lead to adjustments to the Governments’ foreign investment controls. These are likely to further restrict investment and economic growth in Australia. The controls inherited by the Rudd Government already cost Australia at least $5.5 billion a year or 0.6 percent of GDP. Click here for a PDF version of the report. Click here for an MS Word version of the report.


Independent Peer Review: Malaysia’s progress toward APEC’s trade and investment goals


firefoxPrincipal Consultant Kristen Bondietti and Mr Jaime Garcia from ConsultAndes, Peru, recently travelled to Kuala Lumpur as part of the APEC Peer Review of Malaysia’s Individual Action Plan (IAP) for achieving the APEC trade and investment goals. Under the peer review process, APEC member economies’ progress toward the APEC Bogor Goals is reviewed by independent experts and shared among APEC countries and the broader public. A Report on Malaysia’s progress for the period 2005 – 2008 will be prepared by Kristen and Mr Garcia and presented at the APEC Senior Officials Meeting in Singapore in February next year.


Australia-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement Feasibility Study


firefoxITS Global, in conjunction with the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) and the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University, has recently completed the Economic Feasibility Study for the Australian Government on a possible Australia/Republic of Korea FTA. The study reveals an FTA could offer significant benefits for both Australia and the ROK. Click here for a copy of the executive summary of the study or refer to the DFAT website.


In the media: Emissions cuts must be realistic


firefoxAn opinion piece by ITS Global principal Alan Oxley featured in The Australian newspaper:

WITH less than two years to implement an emissions trading system, a leading point of interest in the business community is how the Rudd Government will keep the economy competitive under the scheme, as the aim is to increase the cost of energy. Read the full commentary here.


In the media: Europe climate threat is hot air


firefoxAn opinion piece by ITS Global principal Alan Oxley featured in The Weekly Times newspaper:

JOSE Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Council and former prime minister of Portugal, dropped a policy bomb last week. He threatened climate trade war. Europe plans to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by a further 20 per cent by 2020. It would restrict imports from countries that did not do the same thing, specifically the US and China. He called the trade problem the nuclear bomb of the climate change debate. Read the full commentary here.


How Europe misread the Bali debate


firefoxThe Bali climate change meeting showed most countries do not favour urgent action on climate. Yet in the lead-up to the meeting, the media was full of stories about the need for such action. Who got it wrong? Alan Oxley's opinion piece in the Bangkok Post points the finger at the EU. Read the full article here.


In the media: Alan Oxley at VicForests


firefoxITS Global Principal Alan Oxley's speech at the VicForests symposium was reported in The Age newspaper. Agribusiness reporter Phillip Hopkins quoted on Oxley's views on how an ALP government should respond to forestry and climate change. Read the full report here.


Windows on Wood


firefoxITS Global Principal Alan Oxley was the keynote speaker at the VicForests Symposium. Mr Oxley delivered a speech on the growth potential of the forestry industry in a policy environment dominated by climate change. Read the full speech here.


In the media: "The Greens simply don't want any forestry in Tasmania"


firefoxAn opinion piece by ITS Global Senior Consultant Khalil Hegarty on the Crikey website:

The failure to stop the Bell Bay Pulp Mill is a big loss for the Greens – and wholly deserved. Bob Brown’s comments on the Mill's approval - "this environmentally evil company will continue to log 200,000 hectares"– show why. Note the verb "continue". The Mill's operation will not alter the existing rules on forestry in Tasmania – it will work within them. Read the full commentary here.


In the media: “Time to shelve the Doha Round”


firefoxAn opinion piece by ITS Global principal Alan Oxley featured in The Weekly Times newspaper:

Pascal Lamy, the WTO’s Director General declared at the APEC Summit in Sydney that the Doha Round of trade negotiations can be completed this year. The APEC Leaders supported Lamy with a call to complete the Doha Round. This call will be as ineffective as the nearly identical calls made at four previous summits. Read the full article here


In the media: "Different tracks to the same goal"


firefoxAn opinion piece by ITS Global Principal Alan Oxley in The Australian newspaper:

As the world's leading economies decided at the G8 summit in June that Kyoto has to be replaced, any Australian prime minister should have felt duty-bound to encourage APEC leaders to lead the effort to develop a fresh approach. No global solution can be effective without the support of APEC economies. Read the full article here.


Building a Pro-development Strategy on Climate Change


firefoxAlan Oxley's report on "Building a Pro-development Startegy on Climate Change" offers framework for consensus on Climate Change. The full report is available on the World Growth website.



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